InstaTraining is a web based e-learning solution, The goal of the InstaTraining is to create a cost effective and affordable way to organizations to provide their course contents through the online to their corresponding users/clients. It offers online instruction that can be delivered anytime and anywhere through a wide range of electronic learning solutions such as Web-based course ware. InstaTraining enables organizations to transcend distance and other organizational gaps by providing a cohesive virtual learning environment. Companies must educate and train vendors, employees, partners, and clients to stay competitive, and it can provide such just-in-time training in a cost-effective way. Seamlessly integration with a Learning Management System it can host and manage your e-learning content. Track and analyze learner progress to provide more targeted assistance. InstaTraining offers key opportunities for higher education to support flexible pedagogies, with the potential to assist in balancing the need for staff to carry out high quality teaching alongside high impact and significant research while at the same time managing an increasingly diverse student cohort.

Small organizations need to get more out of their high-potential employees. InstaTraining helps employers take these employees to a higher level of contribution.

Other goals and objectives include the following:

  • To reduce the need for classroom training
  • To track employee progress
  • To track training effectiveness
  • To link training with Knowledge Management
  • To reduce time away from the job
  • To improve job performance
  • To support business objectives
  • To make learning available anytime, anywhere

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