We implement Artificial Intelligence techniques to aid enterprises to derive relevant insights from the information collected and processed from Big Data.

1. Machine Learning

We improve your operations and processors by deploying ML algorithms created by us within your software solutions. We guide you to avail the full range of advantages of machine learning. Our team of experts utilizes the machine learning service to develop superior quality software and deploy the best technology and statistical methods for your company.

2. Deep Learning

Given the constant growth of data volume and complexity, the need for greater processing power and advanced graphics processors is steadily expanding. Enterprises are increasingly turning to Deep Learning to provide big data predictive analytics to meet this demand.

3. Natural Language Processing (NLP)

We develop intelligent software solutions capable of understanding human speech and writing.

4. Predictive Analysis

Predictive analytics collates advanced analytics capabilities covering ad-hoc statistical analysis, data mining, predictive modeling, optimization, text analytics, real-time scoring, and machine learning. Identifying patterns in data and forecasting what will happen next becomes smooth for organizations who use these tools.

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One of the best IT services company we have worked with. We have worked/outsourced multiple projects to Mavin Infotech and have got the best ROI.

Mike Cohen


Mavin Infotech was brought in at a critical time, when deadlines and working under strict budget was the need for our survival. And really I'm glad for their dedication.


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